How to Help

The Kalymnos Cat project needs your help. We can't do this without the financial support of kind people all over the world. Your donation supports: the purchase of traps, food and care for the animals, and veterinary bills. 

The Kalymnos Cat Project is working with local animal welfare groups to implement an educational and sterilisation campaign to manage the stray cat crisis.  Learn more about these efforts on our About the Project page.

Since August 2021, we have sterilised over 2000 cats on the island. But our work is still not finished. Please donate to support our continued efforts. 

If you'd like to become a regular supporter of the project, please consider setting up a monthly donation.  Even if it's only 5€  or 10€ per month, every little bit helps. 


The island has all the necessary ingredients to have a successful Trap/Neuter/Release (TNR) program: experienced volunteers and feeders to do the trapping and veterinarians to do the neutering. But we need FUNDING. Without funding, we are unable to purchase the trapping equipment, pay the veterinary bills and provide food in the winter.

There are literally thousands of stray cats needing help on the island. The Kalymnos Cat Project hopes to get the proliferation under control if we manage to find the funding to help the volunteers on the island continue their great work. 

The plan is to find private sponsors for the individual cat colonies so the feeders can continue to give them care and to have any newcomers sterilised.

We sincerely hope that generous foundations and donors will continue to help us in the coming years will continue to help us in the coming years.

The Kalymnos Cat Project, like all TNR projects, is ongoing and in constant need of funding.

We’ve shipped enough professional traps and cages to capture 30 cats per day during our extensive TNR campaigns.  And we are able to loan out cages so individual feeders are able to capture the shy cats they feed.

Your donations will help support these cats in need on the island: 

Thanks to the support of these generous foundations, over 2000 cats have been sterilised on the islands of Kalymnos and Telendos:

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