Thank You

Thanks to the support of these generous foundations, over 2000 cats have been sterilised on the islands of Kalymnos and Telendos:

Create Everlasting Change held a gala to raise funds for the Kalymnos Cat Project. We can't thank them enough for their continued support! 

Thank you Tierheim Tierfutter

The Kalymnos Cat Project, Create Everlasting Change and our Kalymnos Cat Project Ambassador Mini, say DANKE, THANK YOU and Ευχαριστώ for the very generous food donation we received from Tierheim Tierfutter!

In the photo on left (below) , Mini is checking and approving the food and in the photo on the right, the food is on its way to Kalymnos, where it is eagerly awaited. Due to a change of government in the municipality in January, a local program to support street cats with food was stopped with no warning. During the winter, food donations were the only chance for our colonies.

From February 14-21, 2024, we have carried out a large-scale sterilization campaign (189 cats were sterilized within 7 days). The feeding stations, which we were able to set up in November 2023 thanks to the food donation from Tierheim Tierfutter, played an important role in this campaign. In winter - when there are no tourists on the island and the restaurants are closed - the cats gathered around the feeding stations. This made it easier for us to keep track of the un-sterilized new arrivals in our monitored colonies and, of course, to capture these cats. It also made it easier for us to sterilize colonies that moved to the feeding stations.

All food donations made by Tierheim Tierfutter with thank you letters and photos of the deliveries can be found at: